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    Daniel Pietschmann

    Good but crowded. Manager is doing multiple jobs and deserves kudos! I rarely see a person work so hard and run around to make everyone happy and still keep a smile on her face. McDonald’s HQ should reward staff with this kind of dedication.

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    This outlet used to be one of my favourite. With the size shrinking in this new location, there is hardly sufficient seats for the customers.

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    AlexP Su

    Friendly staff and very prompt service.
    Limited seating, only 12 tables for 2.
    Surprisingly good coffee too

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    Philip Ang

    I still love the fries, the fish burger, the nuggets and especially the latest Mcspicy after 35 years patronising McDonald. Friendly stores worldwide as usual, where a place for wind down, socialising, studying or family gathering is always so welcoming.

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    Ramdan Samat

    Newly renovated restaurant with much more space and great atmosphere… The mall is going through refurbishment too..

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