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    iFire XX

    Amazing atmosphere. Nice & chill. Great photos along entry to the special room. Excellent food with nice, descriptive explaination from the owner. Wonderful!

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    Richard Francisco

    Truly deserving a Michelin star, Iggy Chan’s restaurant is still a must stop if you’re on a gastronomical tour in Singapore. The food they create explodes with intricate flavours in your mouth all served in a timely and precise fashion. Iggy himself pays particular attention to his clients and you’ll see him meticulously checking on everything including his clients.

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    Mandy Tan

    Wonderful food. Heard many good things about this restaurant. Wasn’t disappointed.

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    Isaac Ho

    Booked for lunch and selected 4 dishes as we are in a bit of rush. We added the local caviar. The last time I been Iggy’s is probably 10 years ago.

    The starters are quite average except for the run droplets with shiso leave which burst in your mouth.

    Mostly average, I was looking forward to the capellini but it is a bit salty. As for the sea bass, it’s quite delicious.

    As for desserts, the cheese selection and the condiments are excellent! 5/5 for this!

    Service: 4/5. The place is rather cold.

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    Jenny Evans

    Frankly was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed Iggy’s despite reading the negative Yelp and blog reviews about the place beforehand. However, the price point is insanely high for flavors that you can find at other a la carte restaurants and for that reason, I would not recommend Iggy’s for that perfect date night or family dinner unless you’ve already tried all the rest of the top SG restaurants and are looking for something new

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